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Sawana is a broad company dealing in different sectors of businesses, however our forefront acumen is in the mining and Scrap Metal Trade. Meeting our clients needs is our number one aim at Sawana. We try our level best to provide our customers with the material they need as fast as possible, at the best rates, and are always working around the clock to establish a long term business relationship with internatioanl clients.

Sawana was founded in 2004 With it's head office in Dar es salaam,Tanzania. After three years of succesful growth, Sawana opened its second office in the UK in 2007, which is now registered as our head office. Over the years, Sawana has expanded its company and has established itself in various countries acorss Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

The company was established with the aim of constructive Thinking, constructive ideas and supplying best quality material to result in 100% customer satisfaction. At Sawana we believe the skys the limit!

Here at Sawana we deal with all kinds of Raw Materials including Ferrous, Non ferrous Metals and Minerals. Have a look at our gallery page to see what we deal with day in and day out.

Over the years, we have built a strong relationship with large reputable manufacturers/Mills from all over the world. Our Portfolio mainly consists of clients from the Indian, Chinese, European and African market. We also deal directly with reputable traders & agents. We can provide you with our customers reference ONCE we have a mutual business understanding.

  • Aviation

  • Galena / Lead

  • Copper

Current Stock & Updates


        • Ferrous Scrap
        • Steel Pipes
        • Manganese Ore
        • Used Tyres
        • Steel Bars
        • UBC
        • Lead Ore
        • Copper Ore
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