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Air Africa International Brings Africa Airfreight Services Hub to Tanzania.

AAI was incorporated in 2012 and operates from the industrial hub city of Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam. The company's primary business activity is the operation of a network air carrier, providing scheduled air transportation for passengers and cargo. The company operates through Africa segment, which provides air transportation for passengers and cargo.

The company's cargo division provides a comprehensive range of airport-to-airport airfreight services for high value and care intensive consignments worldwide.

As the airline of Tanzania we embody its home country's traditional values, and we are comitted in delivering the highest product and quality service. Our aim is to bring communities closer by overcoming geographical constraints through our network of point to point flights. Linking the world together with the communities we serve and contribute to local economies by growing trade and tourism. We have the experience, the people and the resources to help your organization gain the competitive edge. We plan and rigorously control every single stage of delivery so that your cargo reaches its desired destination.

Our staff work around the clock to keep your delivery times to a minimum
Bonded warehouse facilities
Full range of services are available for Import and Export
VIP & Chartered flights available

Call us at any time with an air transport problem and we will offer you a fast, free quotation.

Air Africa International is part of the Sawana group.

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            • Ferrous Scrap
            • Manganese
            • Manganese Ore
            • Waste Tyres
            • Steel Bars
            • UBC
            • Lead Ore
            • Copper Ore
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