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Sawana opened its first Steel mill in Tanzania in 2004, where after it started trading in the metal industry with clients all over the world. We deal with ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and like to work hands on. Loading containers of metal ready to export to our clients desired destination everyday, we inspect each container and load ourselves to ensure our customers receive and get the exact material they want and nothing else.
During stuffing, we offer our clients the option of having a 3rd party inspection company supervising the loading, hence providing them with a quality and quantity certificate, assuring our clients a peace of mind and complying with most countries import legislations aswell as most common LC practises.

A healthy and successful company growth since our establishment in 2004, and an increase in sales year after year, Sawana aims to be one of the leading suppliers of Raw Materials.

Years of hands on experience has lead to good relationship with shipping companies from different parts of the world. We travel thousands of miles to meet and understand our suppliers and clients, so Let our company provide you with the material you need, hassle and stress free.

SAWANA - Providing Quality Material Worldwide!

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            • Ferrous Scrap
            • Steel Pipes
            • Manganese Ore
            • Used Tyres
            • Steel Bars
            • UBC
            • Lead Ore
            • Copper Ore
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